Friendly reminder,
universal Analytics is Retired! (IT will be Missed..)

Why Choose Bosslytics for your web analytics project?

We've done 50 Universal to GA4 migrations since becoming GA4 "early adopters" in early 2022.

When Google announces a new product, inevitably, the old version will be retired. And we dove in as soon as the tool was ready...

Don't leave your analytics project to guess work and furious last minute efforts. Work with an Analytics Professional.

Our Process


Create a dummy email for Bosslytics team so we all have access.


Our team reviews the above and creates a list of items needing further discussion.

qa meeting

Our team shares findings and recommendations

final implemention

Our team gets to work on approved recommendations


We meet for final handoff of built assets and production documentation


We meet for final handoff of built assets and production documentation


We meet for final handoff of built assets and production documentation

Our Team

Phil Mackie

Product Manager

Phil's been working as a professional Digital Marketer since 2015. He has been working with Google Tag Manager for 5+ years as he realized that no one else in the agency wanted to touch it.

He loves teaching almost as much as he likes to learn. And has been obsessed with computers since seeing his father's Orange and Black screen colored Tandy PC in the early 90s.

His favorite hobbies are painting, hiking, listening to SciFi, and trying new Austin restaurants with his wife.


Operations Assistant

Gie, She helps ensure projects move efficiently and keeps other team members accountable and on task.

Both Gie and her Husband do remote digital marketing from their home!

Her favorite things to do are to spend time with her lovely family (including their 2 younger children).

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"Very quick and easy to talk to and a true expert in their craft. Highly recommend for anyone looking for Google Analytics help with tracking and conversions."

LLT Group

"Stop searching for GTM, UA, and GA4 help and hire Phil now! Phil is a true expert when it comes to analytics. He explains concepts clearly using easy-to-understand terminology and cares about making sure you understand before moving on. I will be hiring Phil and Bosslytics again!"

Jared Tangir
Elevated Audiences

"Phil was very helpful with GA4 setup and also helped us address some 911 issues quickly and efficiently. His communication process is transparent and easy to understand!"

Rachel Paun Saebo

"If you are looking for help with Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics or Google Data Studio, then you have found the right resource. Phil communicates extremely well, he is thorough and on top of things. He is also very flexible and easy to work with. I highly recommend him!"

Adrian Bannister
SEO WebImpact

"My site was performing at around a score of 40 or 50 (out of 100) on the Google PageSpeed Insight tool, and one page in particular was only getting a 19!Within about 1 to 2 hours, he was able to get my speed up to a 92 out of 100! He even took the time to explain WHAT he was looking at, and HOW he was fixing each problem (teaching me how to fish).I would HIGHLY recommend Phil for your SEO needs, and especially for improving the speed of your site."

Kevin Young
Owner of Kyecom

"I've worked on many accounts with Phil and he's always been very helpful, going above and beyond the call of duty to make sure clients are happy. He's a master at client interaction, on-site SEO and link building. In addition, he's always bringing new ideas to the table, and is constantly striving to learn more about digital marketing."

Brandon Schroth
SEO Consultant at Nomad SEO

"He is committed to client success through SEO and PPC services. Capable of designing need Digital Marketing Projects or working as part of the team, he would be a great addition to any company's Digital Marketing Plan."

Hayim Pinson
Editor In Chief at Muscle and Brawn

"Phil is an excellent SEO and an asset to any team that I highly recommend. In my time working with Phil, I was constantly impressed with his technical SEO knowledge, his ability to implement and track strategy, as well as his skill at managing client expectations while going above and beyond to deliver results."

Leslie Ramey
SEO Solutions Consultant

"Phil came into the picture at a key moment in the development of our business at Pro Valet. He was patient, versatile, easy to work with, and never hesitated to go the extra mile so we could fully understand and tailor his services to suit our unique needs."

Santiago Ramos
Cloud Logistics Coordinator, Pro Valet Trash

"Phil is a self-training self starter. When he encounters a problem, he researches solutions and brings them to the conference table."

Alex Wise
Owner of NomadSEO

"Phil has been a great compatriot of mine in Online Marketing and is always able to find the solutions each client is seeking. He is highly proficient in SEO, Site Speed Optimization and Google Analytics reporting. I would recommend him for any marketing endeavor or to improve your websites User Experience."

Robin Mannas
Owner of Firebrothers Inc